Tap Into the Explosive Power of Principled Prayer by
Getting Up-Close and Personal with the Greatest Habit as Practiced by the Greatest Heroic Souls in Our History


Prayers either work or they don’t. We are taught to think that if we just insist with the habit – eventually they may get answered…

What If They Won’t Be?

Prayers are usually answered, IF they are PRINCIPLED – in line with the Spiritual Laws that bring their fulfillment about.


Saint James for instance once said that it is the “effective, fervent prayer of a righteous man that avail much”.

We can therefore assume that ineffective, cold prayers actually do very little. Here is one such clue as to what it takes.

What if we were to make this principle real? (Based upon real research into the lives and habits of the greats, not wishful thinking.)


What are the “active ingredients”  that give you lasting results? (Based on rational-theological foundations that you can think through for yourself.)

How to apply these fundamentals and make quantum leaps in all aspects of your life? (Based upon established principles of deep learning – so you can put good ideas into your daily practice?)


Chose to learn how to make the most of our Greatest Habit from those who lived their life at an elite level. We have untapped resources in the biographies of the true greats that are mega-valuable. We can jump-start our lives with their genius!

The Greatest Habit course is based on the researched habits behind these kinds of people, and cracks the code behind their most testified practices for meaning, happiness and power – principled prayer. More important, it teaches how you can own this know-how.

Greatest Habit is a Must. It is required knowledge if you’re looking for the ‘secret sauce’ for how to unleash your potential and live the life that God intended for you, since the beginnings of time.

Greatest Habit is a definitive course that coaches you on the 7 Battle-Tested Principles to Maximize the Greatest Practice for Meaning, Happiness and Power.

Featuring nearly 10 hours of multi-media content delivered instantly, this is a practical guide to bring about real resolutions to the problems we face today – whether in our careers, health or relationships – as applied by greatest men and women of all time.

In this newly updated, audience-favourite courseware, we learn how to realize the best from this practice, in the smallest learning time, for the total good:

Discourse One:
The Question of Desire

Discourse Two:
Pray Wisdom First

Discourse Three:
Harness the Heart

Discourse Four:
Unearth the Vision

Discourse Five:
Emphasize Urgency

Discourse Six:
Co-lead a Mastermind

Discourse Seven:
Habitualize the Virtues

Discourse Eight:
Focus for 40 Days

Discourse Nine:
Seeds and Harvest

We live in a time when we are drowning in information and starving for wisdom. “We are distracted from distractions by distractions”, as the poet T.S Eliot once put it.

You reading these words right now, is probably like a ray of light amidst the clouds of trivialities that clouds the internet and I want to appreciate that we get this opportunity now to connect.

I challenge you to not let this opportunity got to waste. Don’t let yourself get back into the clouds… Take a leap of faith and try principled prayer for a change.

If not you, then who?
If not now, then when?

P.S. Remember, the purpose of Greatest Habit is to help Christians and all kinds of leaders to maximize the research proven practice that turns ordinary people into powerhouse instruments for positive change – principled prayer.

Greatest Habit works even is one is ‘agnostic’ about Christianity or God, and one has no clue for how to pray in a principled way.

John Corneliu is the researcher behind ‘Principled Prayer’ and developer of VFE, (also known as Virtue Formation Education™). He is the author of the programs here for better praying and cultivating the seven virtues – for better leadership and for better Christianity. He conducts most VFE seminars and training programs at Jonah’s Club.

John is an author, film director and lifelong entrepreneur. Previously building businesses in executive coaching, media production, and lecturing in business entrepreneurship, Jonah’s Club is his fourth company. It is the culmination of his life’s mission.


1. The course is available instantly online and is able to be accessed at anytime, on any platform, whether PC, Mac or Linux. You can access directly, as well as through an automated emailing system that enables you to pace your learning on a daily basis.

2. The courseware is comprised of online lectures available through any up-to-date browser, downloadable PDF lessons accessible with most Reader software, and downloadable MP3 audio files accessible with all multimedia players. Within this course backstage area you also have a forum where you are able to ask questions, leave comments, and ask for support from the staff and other online participants.

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Donate $5 for Greatest Habit Course

With a donation of $5 – the cost of a cup of coffee – you get instant access to Greatest Habit Courseware.

Greatest Habit is a definitive course that coaches you on the 7 Battle-Tested Principles to Maximize the Greatest Practice for Meaning, Happiness and Power.

Featuring nearly 10 hours of multi-media content, dozens of exercises, delivered instantly.

Donate $17 for Greatest Habit Course and the ‘Prayer Co-Creation’ Webinar Mastermind

With a donation of $17, you get instant access to Greatest Habit Courseware, plus a live mastermind class. Get a special pass to access a direct upclose and personal meeting of minds with John Corneliu and other practitioners of the Greatest Habit.

In this live event we come into agreement with our soul intentions, directly address any questions that may not have been addressed, and experience for yourself the power of masterminding in principled prayer with one another.

Donate $37 for ALL of the Above, plus ‘The Seven Principles’ Contemplative Audio

With a donation of $37, you get instant access to all of the resources previously, plus the contemplative ensoulment audio, ‘The Seven Principles’.

Once having finished this two week intensive, listen to this audio album which guides you into a contemplative prayer that integrates all seven principles of Greatest Habit.

Put this contemplative prayer into practice for the next 40 days thereafter, to form and ensoul this new habit that will positively shape the rest of your life.

Donate $57 for ALL of the Above, plus an Exclusive First Run-Edition of the Feature Documentary, DEinCEPTION: What is Happiness

With a donation of $57, you get instant access to everything stated previously, plus a downloadable copy of DEinCEPTION: What is Happiness, before it’s public release.

DEinCEPTION is a feature length docudrama which addresses one of the most important issues of our time – our worldviews regarding happiness. It is a ‘man vs nature vs self’ quest to solve the mystery and paradox, of how depression can be rising, amidst the most affluent and opportune time in our history.

(View a Sneak Peak from the Film)

Donate $77 for ALL of the Above, plus an Autographed Copy of the Book

With a donation of $77, you have access to all resources above plus you’ll also receive a hand-signed copy of the book Greatest Habit, based on the course. The shipping and handling is fully covered as part of your donation, to anywhere in the world.


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