Make Your Soul's Story - a Life Heroic


Jonah’s Club is the Pioneer Education Center to Cultivate the Seven Great Virtues, for the Full Happiness of Our Soul.

Living a Life Heroic

Jonah’s Club is for those who believe that life is more than just survival.
It’s for more than playing the rat race, no matter how glamorous.
It’s for far more than merely creating a great lifestyle…

We all have our unique destiny!
We all have a one-of-a-kind role to play out in this world
that makes a meaningful and unique difference.

Our lives are irreplaceable and the world is a poorer place
for having failed to realize our highest roles.

Whether you know your highest destiny or you don’t,
at Jonah’s Club we come together to explore and empower
our personal and collective heroic journey.

We make it happen by cultivating the seven virtues,
the seven major strengths that form a full and meaningful life:

Wisdom, Courage, Self-Control, Justice
Faith, Hope and Love

Virtue Formation Education™

Both online and in your local area, we have set up clubs with the knowledge and practical exercises for how to make meaningful and measurable improvements in your personal strengths.

Together and individually, we work through Jonah’s Club proven program of multi-media lessons and socially interactive practices to make habitual the seven virtues of wisdom, courage, self-control, justice, faith, hope and love.

These are rock solid foundations that help us to become better leaders and better Christians.

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  • After

Jonah’s Club Philosophy

Blending ancient wisdom together with contemporary scientific know-how, our aim is to fulfill the highest educational aim – the actualization of our most magnificent potentialities as human beings.

One Million Members Can’t Be Wrong!

Of course they can! It happens all the time. We’re glad you’re paying attention. 😉

For this isn’t our aim. Jonah’s Club is a place for those on the ‘path less travelled’. We exist as to make a difference in the life of one single member only – the heroic soul.

Jonah’s Clubs are run by members locally and remotely facilitated by leading experts in the science of virtue formation. We engage in a learn-by-doing program to sculpt our highest vision, our mission and the practices which has our soul ‘be well pleased with itself’.

There are clubs in your area, there are clubs online, and if there is not one that suits – we empower you with the resources to start your own.

Join us today and realize the potential of your soul’s story – in living a life heroic.

Samples of Unsolicited Feedback about Our Project

I’ve begun reading part of your program and I’m hooked. I’m loving and especially what I think is amazing is the way you’ve articulated and organized all of the information.
I’ve read different books and taken a couple of courses that somehow talk about all that appears to be in your course, but it’s been like scattered information, and in your program I find that you managed to organize the wisdom and knowledge of many wise people in different times and places. For this I am very grateful, and I’ve very grateful for your generosity in sharing your work in this way.


I just wanted you to know how much you really lifted my soul since reading your program every day… I will tell you my story very soon, but please let me first day ‘Thank you’ for really lifting my soul again to the Highest of High. I am learning how to serve and will be praying for you and your family that God will keep his hand on you. Take good care of yourself and much hope in your writing.


Your commitment to this course has been astounding! Thank you so much for making the effort to comfort people spiritually. Thanks so much for your dedication and work in everything!
You’ve been wonderful, encouraging and I can imagine the work that went into this course!!
Lots of thanks,


I cannot begin to tell you how much this course has helped me. It is so much more than that… It is a life empowerment course. I found that I have to start from the beginning again, just so that I can grasp the content and put it into practice more easily. Not that I found it hard to understand, there’s just so much there, that the more you read the more you see.
Once again I thank you and may God Bless you for your faithfulness.


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